It was our former owner, Madamoiselle Montansier, who first introduced Dorin’s products to the court. The Maison was then named Official Supplier of the Royal Court of Versailles by Queen Marie-Antoinette and King Louis XVI, in recognition of the quality of its lipsticks, its blushers and – in all likelihood – its perfumes.

Nine years later, the French Revolution erupted in Paris, overthrowing the monarchy and ushering in the First Republic. Against this exlosive backdrop, Dorin quietly left Versailles. However, it continued to serve the Parisian bourgeoisie before going on to win the affections of women and men all over the world, as well as performers at all the capital’s main theatres. .

2019 is set to go down in history as the year when Dorin returned to its spiritual home. The Scents of Versailles collection has received the seal of approval of the guardians of the temple, with a selection of its fragrances chosen to be sold at the palace’s boutiques (Versailles 1780, Bureau du Roi and Les Jardins du Château).

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