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Dated 1 January 2019

France Excellence SARL markets Dorin Paris brand perfumery and beauty products in France and abroad. We also publish the www.dorin.paris website and offer sales for private individuals.

Concerned about the privacy of our visitors and aware of the importance of protecting your personal data, this privacy policy sets out how we collect, store, use and protect your personal data provided and collected while using the Site.

1. Legal information

The Site www.dorin.paris is published by France Excellence SARL, with a capital of €135,000, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number B 348 534 553, whose registered office is at 20 rue Labelonye 78400 Chatou France. VAT NUMBER EN 28 348 534 553. Contact: +33 (0) 1 30 15 40 40 / contact@dorin.paris.

France Excellence SARL is the controller within the meaning of the regulations on personal data, in particular General Regulation (EU) No. 2016-679 on the Protection of Personal Data of Individuals (RGPD).

The publication director of the Site is Mr Bashar NASRI and the company France Excellence SARL. Contact: +33 (0) 1 30 15 40 40 / contact@dorin.paris

The www.dorin.paris Site is hosted by: OVH SAS, whose registered office is located at 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France, registered in the Lille Métropole Trade and Companies Register under number 424 761 419 00045.

2. Definitions of the terms

"Privacy Policy" means these Privacy and Cookie Policies, applicable to Users of the Site.

"Site" refers to Dorin Paris' e-commerce website, accessible by Internet connection at the following addresses: www.dorin.paris; www.dorin.fr; www.maisondorin.com; www.maisondorin.com.

"Party(ies)" refers specifically or collectively to: the User(s); the Customer(s); Dorin Paris.

"User(s)" refers specifically to the Internet user(s) who browse, view and use the Site, including Customers.

"Customer(s)" refers specifically to the user(s) making a purchase of a Product for personal use on the Site for delivery in metropolitan France or Monaco.

"Dorin Paris" or "L'Éditeur" refer collectively to the Dorin Paris brand and the company France Excellence.

"Products" refers to the perfumery and beauty products of the Dorin Paris brand as well as any other perfumery and beauty products offered for sale on the Site.

"Personal Data" or "Data" refers specifically or collectively to the personal data concerning you, as collected and processed by the Site. The nature of the data in question and their use are specified in the Privacy Policy below.

3. Your personal data

The Personal Data collected and processed are, depending on the services used on the Site, your preferences and the settings of the terminal you are using: your name, first name, address, email address, postal address, telephone number, date of birth, order and product selection history, preferences and interests, bank data and connection logs.

4. The collection of your personal data

This Data is collected either on the basis of your consent or is necessary for the execution of your orders on the Site. The fight against fraud is based on Dorin Paris' legitimate interest.

5. Purposes of use and storage periods of the Data

The legal provisions or provisions proportional to the purposes for which your personal data have been recorded govern the period for which they are kept.

The retention periods therefore vary according to your status: customer, prospect, newsletter subscriber, or requester of information via an online form

Retention periods vary depending on whether we have an ongoing contractual relationship (you are an active customer), whether we have had a contractual relationship with you in the past (you are an inactive customer) or whether we have never had such a relationship with you (you are a prospect). The data related to your browsing on our online services collected by the cookies you have authorized has a specific retention period.

The Data we hold about you is regularly reviewed. If a legal-commercial or management requirement does not justify their retention, or if you exercise your right to modify or delete them, your Data will be deleted in a secure manner.

This table specifies the purposes of use and storage periods of your data according to your status:

Contact statusCategories of dataPurposesRetention periods
Customer (via the Site)All data setCreation and management of a lead file3 years from the collection of data or the last contact from the prospect
Customer (via the Site)Data relating to the performance of the contractManagement of the customer account, orders, deliveries, invoicing, payments10 years after the end of the contract or the last contact from the inactive customer
Newsletter Subscriber (via the Site or other Form)Identification and contact dataSending information on our news and the evolution of our offers, Creation and management of a file of prospects3 years from the date of unsubscription or last contact from the lead
Contact form (via the SiteIdentification and contact dataSending information according to the nature of the request, Creation and management of a lead file3 years from the date of unsubscription or last contact from the lead
Museum visit request form (via the Site)Identification and contact dataSending information on the evolution of our publications and offers3 years from the date of unsubscription or last contact from the contact
Internet visitor (via the Cookies)Data related to your navigation on our online servicesOperation and optimization of services, Frequency of visits, Personalization of content and advertsMaximum of 13 months

6. Access to your data
a. Access to your data within Dorin Paris

Employees in the customer relations, logistics, marketing & sales, and administration & accounting & IT departments may have access to some of your data.

Access to your data is based on individual and limited access authorisations. Personnel who can access personal data are subject to an obligation of confidentiality (by a nominal and personal commitment of confidentiality).

b. Access to your data by our subcontractors and authorities

The following subcontractors may have access to some of your data: accounting firm, delivery companies, banking services company, IT development company.

The services provided on our behalf by these subcontractors are as follows:

• Management of your invoicing

• Management, security of online payments and fight against fraud

• Shipping of orders

• Customization of mobile site and application content

• Carrying out maintenance operations and technical developments

• Provision of analytical solutions or statistics for audience measurement.

Finally, in the event of a legal obligation or guarantee of rights, property and security, the police, judicial or administrative authorities may have access to some of your data.

7. Your rights
a. Right of access, rectification and deletion of your personal data

Upon simple request from you or, if necessary, by logging into your account on the Site, your data is accessible and can be rectified, completed or updated.

The deletion of your data or an objection to their processing may be made upon request, including the justification of a legitimate reason.

You can exercise your right to portability on request. This consists of receiving the personal data you have provided us with in a structured and commonly used format and being able to transmit them to another controller.

You may also provide us with instructions for the storage, deletion and communication of your Data so that they can be applied after your death.

You can exercise your rights with France Excellence's personal data protection officer at the following address: 20, rue Labelonye 78400 Chatou or by email: client@dorin.paris.

We will verify your identity and/or ask you for more information in order to respond to your request. Our response will be provided to you within a reasonable time and within the time limits set by law.

You may file a complaint with the Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés (CNIL) if our response does not satisfy you: https://www.cnil.fr/fr/plaintes

b. Right of opposition

The opposition concerns your rights to oppose commercial solicitations. Indeed, we may use your Data for commercial solicitations, in accordance with applicable law and the provisions of this Privacy Policy. You may at any time object to these solicitations. The procedures for opposing such solicitations vary in accordance with the channel of communication of the latter.

i. Commercial requests by electronic means (e-mail and SMS)

Article L.34-5 of the French Post and Electronic Communications Code provides for the prior and express collection of your consent to send commercial prospecting by electronic means (e-mail, push notifications or SMS).

You will therefore always be asked for your consent to receive our offers in the forms you fill in when using the services of the Site or when purchasing Product(s) on the Site.

You may object to the receipt of these solicitations as follows:

• E-mail request: click on the unsubscribe link included in each email or contact our customer service.

• SMS request: Send "STOP SMS" to the number indicated or contact our customer service.

ii. Telephone solicitations

Offers on products or satisfaction surveys could be made by telephone by our services. A simple registration on the opposition list on the website www.bloctel.gouv.fr offers you the possibility of never being contacted for a commercial solicitation by phone. You can also contact our customer service to notify us of your refusal to be contacted.

iii. Any other means of solicitation

For any other request, we invite you to contact our customer service department to inform them that you do not wish to be the subject of this request.

8. Cookies Policy

The Site may use cookie techniques to process statistics and traffic information, to facilitate navigation and to improve service for the user's convenience.

In accordance with European legislation, the Dorin site has updated its privacy policy regarding cookies. The User is free to accept or reject cookies from all websites by modifying the settings of his or her web browser.

a. Definition of a Cookie

A cookie is a small text file saved on your computer, tablet or mobile device that allows you to record and track data about your use of the Site.

The Site uses cookies, for example, to identify you or to store your wishlist and/or product selection in your shopping cart.

Cookies are managed by your web browser.

By continuing to use the Site, you acknowledge that you understand the terms of this Cookies Policy and agree to their configuration.

Your cookie preferences may be changed as explained in section 5 below.

b. Cookies used on the Site

There are two types of cookies on this Site:

• Cookies essential to the functioning of the site.

Certain features of the Site such as online ordering require the activation of certain cookies mentioned as "mandatory" in the table below for their proper functioning. It is recommended not to disable them.

• Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are used to collect information on browsing for purposes such as statistical analysis. We use it to refine the user experience and adapt it to Users' preferences.

Any information collected from third-party cookies is anonymous.

We do not use advertising cookies.

c. Validity period of Cookies

The period of validity of the consent to the deposit of cookies by the Site is 13 months. The Site's cookies therefore expire 13 months after they are stored.

Thus, the pseudonymous data collected are kept by the Site for a maximum period of 13 months from the date of collection.

d. Cookies list & features

The cookies we use on our website are as follows:

PrestaShop-IDCartSaving cart itemsCart utilityYes
_gaGoogle AnalyticsStatisticsTracking utilityNo
_lgawGDPR addonData blockingBlocking utilityNo
prestaPopupCookiesNewsletter addonNewsletter subscriptionSubscription utilityNon

However, your cookie settings can be managed directly on your device's browser (computer, tablet or mobile). The purpose of cookies is to be taken into account because certain services on the Site such as online ordering require the activation of certain cookies mentioned as "mandatory" in the table presented above in section 4 for their proper functioning. It is recommended that you do not disable them.

Here is how to manage or disable cookies with the following browsers:

• Internet Explorer : Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced > Cookies > (select your preferences)

• Google Chrome: Menu > Settings > Show advanced settings > Privacy > Content settings > Cookies > (select your preferences)

• Mozilla Firefox : Menu > Options > Preferences > Privacy > History > Storage rules: choose "use custom settings for history" > Accept cookies: tick or uncheck the box > (select your preferences)

• Safari: Menu > Preferences > Security > Block cookies > (select your preferences)

e. Learn more about cookies

The CNIL provides information to enable you to manage your traceability on the Internet and your cookie preferences: https://www.cnil.fr/fr/cookies-les-outils-pour-les-maitriser

9. Contact details & complaints

For any questions or complaints related to the collection and processing of your Data by Dorin Paris, you can contact our Data Protection Officer by email at the following address client@dorin.paris.

You also have the right to contact the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), 3 Place de Fontenoy - TSA 80715 - 75334 PARIS CEDEX 07, FRANCE with any complaint relating to the way in which the Site collects and processes your Data.