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Scented Candles

Decorative objects of rare distinction and prestige, Dorin’s scented candles are the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, offering a sensory journey back through time to the golden age of Versailles.

As with all the Maison’s products, our candles are handcrafted in France using the finest raw materials, guaranteeing the highest levels of expertise, authenticity and quality. Our scented candles burn smoothly and produce an even diffusion of aromas.

Dorin’s specially scented wax is poured into velvety white frosted glass pots. Each candle is adorned with a golden insignia inspired by a stone medallion that was once found in the Maison’s workshops in Paris, bearing the words Dorin, Fournisseur de la Cour 1780 (“Dorin, Supplier to the Court 1780”). The gilded metal snuffer, embossed with the Dorin crest, visually complements the candle while helping to preserve the fragrance of the wax. The white and gold visual identity is simplicity itself, so as not to attract attention away from the collection’s five exquisite fragrances.

If we had to choose one fragrance that truly captures the history of the Maison Dorin, it would have to be Versailles 1780. A subtle, powdery scent that pays tribute to the year when the Maison Dorin was appointed Supplier to the Royal Court of Versailles in rice powders and makeup.
An extraordinarily delicate and refined aroma, combining the powdered scent of violet, sweet almond and peach, and an understated flourish of lipstick notes.
As its name indicates, this floral and woody fragrance invites you on a stroll into the heart of King Louis XIV’s mythical gardens at the Palace of Versailles, designed by his royal gardener André Le Nôtre. Le Nôtre’s masterful achievement, entirely ahead of its time, fascinated and inspired the world with its symmetry and splendour.
A moment alone with nature in the gardens of Versailles: the innocence of freshly cut grass, the freshness of water fountains, the aromatic effervescence of tuberose and orange blossom, and the warmth of vetiver. All carried by the gentle springtime breeze.
The Bureau du Roi is the essence of expert 18th century French carpentry. A sublime desk crafted from the finest wood, it was personally commissioned by King Louis XV and stands to this day as one of the most remarkable items in the history of French furniture. The piece can still be seen in the King’s petit appartement at the Palace of Versailles.
The raw embodiment of an intimate and luxurious décor. The subtle woody notes intertwine with tobacco and whisky aromas to create a perfectly balanced ensemble.
The fig has grown throughout the Mediterranean region ever since it was first imported from the Far East. King Louis XIV was so taken by this exotic fruit that, before the construction of the Palace of Versailles had even been completed, he demanded that hundreds of fig trees be planted in its gardens.
A faithful homage to this evocative fruit that represents each facet of the tree: the softness of the sap, the freshness of the leaves, the delicious sweet flavour of the fruit.
Hidden away down the winding corridors of the Château de Fontainebleau, there lies a private chamber that was decorated and furnished especially for Queen Marie-Antoinette in 1777 by her husband, King Louis XVI. A place of rest and contemplation for the Queen – or the setting of extramarital liaisons, according to some sources – Le Boudoir Turc is an endlessly fascinating room that blends the classical French style of the age with decorative flourishes from the Orient.
A fragrant and refined aura in which the exotic scents of jasmine and vanilla overlap with Marie-Antoinette’s tastes for powdery and floral notes.