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Oriental Perfumes

The Dorin pallet is an aromatic mosaic coloured in oriental shades. A bridge between two cultures, the Maison invents traditional oriental fragrances with a French twist. Subtle nuances that create a dreamy mural of an extraordinary journey. Lie back and let Dorin whisk you away on your own journey, deep into the heart of your senses.

Embrace the Orient! Potent and woody, musk is a scent that has not always found favour in the West. But we’ve got a hunch that this woody musk with floral hints will strike a chord with your adventurous side. Balmy and exquisite: a recipe for seduction!
Let your senses be seduced by a bouquet of roses on a bed of oud. A captivating duality, created by the freshness of classic western roses and the woody presence of traditional Arabian oud.
This divine rose grows at an altitude of over 1,800 metres in Taîf, a small village located in the Hedjaz region of Saudi Arabia. It is often paired with familiar fragrances such as amber or incense. Here, the finesse of the initial aroma contrasts with the woody notes to come, before musky base notes have the final word.
Discover an intangible oasis: part-Eastern and part-Western, a lush amber wood brimming with vanilla sap, tropical foliage imbued with pine and cedar essences... Lose yourself in the opulence of this forest, let yourself be carried away by the depth of its sensory riches.
The Damascan rose is the Queen of Queens. To follow her scent is to travel back to the splendour, authenticity and history of Ancient Damascus.
A deft alliance of rose and lily-of-the-valley, supported by a hint of bergamot, this bouquet offers instant splendour before slowly diffusing towards a musky climax.
Damascus is the City of Jasmine par excellence. The flower is omnipotent: growing at the foot of every building, enriching every garden.
It is therefore only natural that Dorin would pay tribute to jasmine with Un Air de Damas. Delight in how the flower’s scent blends with a bouquet of bergamot, before evolving to a musky and delicately woody finish.
Native to the Damascus region, the Fullah hides a heartbreaking secret: each flower only survives for one day after blooming!
Its essence, as rare as it is delicate, has been captured in a perfume for the very first time, especially for those with a penchant for rarity.
Mysterious, erotic and powerful. Thanks to its multiple personality, tuberose has always been considered a flower like no other. Un Air de Damas reveals the charms of the Orient with a tuberose bouquet accompanied by bergamot and ending on a base of musk and woody essences.