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Les Dorines

The essence of the Maison Dorin. The most profound homage to Marguerite Brunet, the fabled Mademoiselle Montansier: a lady of the theatre, a lady of business. She brought Dorin to prominence by first introducing the Maison to the Court of Versailles in 1780, before later becoming director of live performances at the Court.

Blessed with an unwavering dedication to beauty and the stage, La Montansier instilled the values of the theatre in the Maison Dorin and its work. Success has followed ever since. The lights are low, the show is ready to start. Dorin bequeaths to women the power of the stage, the fragrance serving as their costume. The curtain is raised; a hush descends. The audience is captivated.

Passionate. Exalted.
I cradle an elixir. Simply.
I give in to my feelings.
I am overwhelmed by my emotions.
I happily surrender my mind to them!
Dangerous passion...
I shroud my body.
This scent reveals my innermost feelings.
Subtle, fragrant jewellery. Sparkling.
I discover myself, my soul freed!
My heart romantic.
I am charming.
My charm is absolute.
When I appear, spontaneously,
Men follow in my wake.
Their hearts drown in the vapour of my scent.
The spell is cast.
Do not blame me,
My charm is absolute.
La Dorine Charmeuse
Whether up on the stage or out on the street, Dorina sparkles like the stars in the clear night sky.
This powdery iris fragrance is a homage to all those extraordinary women who have become timeless icons. Nestling privately within its opaque glass bottle, it is the perfect companion to the life of today’s talented and ambitious woman. From the dressing room to the red carpet, elegance accompanies her every step.
Dorina is clothed in the Maison’s signature perfume bottle, embellished with gold and adorned with her name: a gesture of resplendence and power.